The $1,000,000 Law Suit

Our client is being sued for injuries to a bicyclist that he avoided hitting.  While making a left turn he noticed a bicyclist coming down the hill toward him at a high rate of speed.  Our client stopped his left turn prior to the bicyclist passing through the intersection leaving plenty of room for the bicyclist to pass through the intersection.  The bicyclist swerved and lost control of his bike while reacting to our client’s car making a left turn.

Now our client is being sued for more than $1,000,000 for damages to a bicyclist that he never hit. Fortunately, we had the right protection in place for our client.  First, his auto insurance has personal liability limits of $250,000 (State of CA only requires $15,000).  Second, we added an umbrella policy of $1,000,000 to cover what would not be paid by his auto insurance.  The increased protection for our client costs less than $300 per year.  As a result, all of his personal assets (including his home) are protected in the event the bicyclist wins the law suit.

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