Coverage vs. Protection

Insurance myth #1 – Coverage equals protection!  The truth is… coverage does not necessarily equal protection.  The age of online insurance has made things easy and convenient for consumers to purchase insurance.  However, with that ease and convenience, consumers are drawn to lower prices rather than the right protection.  Imagine paying $5.00 for a nice-looking umbrella only to find out that there are tiny holes in it that let water drip through.  No big deal because the umbrella only cost $5.00, but the damage done to whatever you were trying to protect from the rain, may exceed the cost of the umbrella.

This occurs all too often in our industry, finding out you’re underinsured at the time something happens.  We understand the need to be penny-wise, but we are also familiar with the consequences of being pound-foolish.  If you’re not sure you have the right protection for what matters most to you, then we would love an opportunity to review your policy to see if there’s something we can do to improve your protection.

At HMA Insurance, we believe in being there for people in their time of need.

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